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Track By Tracks: Hiranya - Breathe Out (2019)

SARA: Actually, I don't know how to start to talk about my songs. I think I usually try to express myself, what I feel, what I think...

This album was hard for me, because I talk about what I have inside me for many years. I've tried my best to turn something ugly into something "pretty" 

So I will try to talk song by song and explain what I felt writing this.

1 - Iemon:

Johnny W.: The calm before the storm. In this song we were lucky to count with our good friend Fabian Shatner, who participated in the song adding some incredible orchestral arrangements. With “Iemon”, we make mention of one of the protagonists of Yotsuya Kaidan, not the ​​fruit (haha).

2 - Far Away:

SARA: Far Away was hard for me, because I talked about what I felt when I was lost for a relationship. You know, you don't understand "why" but life still happen and you are stuck in time.

Johnny W.: We love straightforward songs. We really enjoy playing this kind of songs live. "Far Away" sweeps from the first second and we think it is the best song to open the album.

3 - Conformism:

SARA: You know when you have a bad time, you pass for many moods and that was many of them (sadness, madness, weakness...) but I wanted to do it more lyrical than how it feels.

Johnny W.: A song that at first can remind of the first period of In Flames, but in which we began to experiment a bit with the lyrical voices of Sara and within it can be heard the first synthesizers and keyboards of our songs. There is even a timid tribute to The Cure in a chord of the keyboards, or maybe it is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (haha).

4 - Transparency:

SARA: I'm a sad person (hahaha) but really, I was in a really bad mood when I did all this album and was a kind of therapy. When I lost my relationship, you know you have a lot of promises that will never happen, so I talk about "what happen with this?" and a kind of hope...But more the negative part, sorry (hahaha)

Johnny W.: Without a doubt one of my favorite songs. More synths, more frenetic changes of rhythm, a brutal refrain and a worthy interlude of the best dance floors (haha).

5 - Shot:

SARA: “Shot” was my "love letter" for this album, but negative, of course (hahaha). I'd lost myself a lot and I was really sad asking me bad questions...I was f*cking broken writing this (I'm still feeling this song a lot). I wrote it one of my hardest days in life. I'm still remember, 12:00 pm at night (my neighbours will kill me one day) without shoes, in my piano, crying a lot and writing this when no one were at my home. (I'm a bored person, sorry hahaha).

Johnny W.: In this new album we want to open the spectrum playing more melodic and more aggressive passages. "Shot" is undoubtedly one of the most melodic songs we've ever done, where Sara has composed some incredible voice lines. We have also dared to put a Djent part after the guitar solo. Why not?

6 - Harpy:

SARA: Well...I'm so sorry for this song (hahaha) I was soooo angry with my circumstances. I don't hate no one, but I was in a really bad mood with some people and talks about that. It's hard for me to talk about this, so I will stop here.

Johnny W.: One of our most mature songs, composed in dark times. We have to face our demons, struggle with them and keep moving forward. Or maybe just learn to live along with them.

7 - Insanity:

SARA: The mood here was more rage. Just rage with my decision. I'm so sorry for be a bored person (hahaha).

Johnny W.: In “Shot” we refer to melody, in “Harpy” the opposite happens. The perfect match when walking a big city during the rush hour.

8 - Ángel:

SARA: Ángel just a very important person for me, nothing else.

Johnny W.: Another song that struck a nerve. It's the closest thing we've done to a ballad so far. I love the sound of guitars in the arpeggios and the atmosphere that we manage to create in that part between Carlos Santos (recorded and mixed) and me at the studio. It has also a very 90s sound, and we love that haha.

9 - Anger:

Johnny W.: Dani, our other guitar, sent me some great ideas and riffs, and brought me the opportunity to finish the song, for which I am very grateful. One of Dani's favorite bands are Children of Bodom, and one of mine is In Flames. Dani and I, above all meet together (musically speaking) in Parkway drive, and this is what came out (haha).

SARA: Just more pain for this album (hahaha) I was lost, angry, sad...All bad feelings that a broken heart can give.

10 - Oiwa:

Johnny W.: Closing of the album with a seemingly short song, but in which a lot of things occur. It is a blast to play this song live. People go crazy.

SARA: I'm not happy about to talk about this song, but talks about revenge (I didn't do nothing, I'm sorry readers) and I wanted to use japanese folklore legend to do it more "beautiful", but only talks about what I wanted to do in a really bad moment of my life. 

Thank you a lot for this, was a pleasure and I hope you like our songs.

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