Track By Tracks: Reject The Sickness - The New Chapter (2019)

Our lyrics are about confused and abused teenagers and all the anger and emotions that go hand in hand with that horror. As the vocalist, my job as a social worker inspires me to write fictional stories about outcast youth and how they get back at society and at their molesters. When a human being is in pain or distress, his or her thoughts are often chaotic and thought patterns go haywire. Yet, most of the time, actions and retributions stay limited to the imagination because the victim is too weak, too sad or simply too disconnected from society.

1. Reset: 

The need and wish of a incest victim for revenge. Actually, the sheep that wants to be the wolf. Impossible to succeed because she is too traumatized. A life that could be beautiful is reset into pain and darkness.

2. Disconnect:

About the inner struggle of victims of sexual abuse in religion. and you lose connection with yourself and your inner soul.

3. Burning Soil:

Victim of abuse that wants to take revenge. in her mind she seeing herself as a burning soil where her molester is burned to death. but in real life she has become a molester too.

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