Behind The Artworks: AVANDRA - DESCENDER (2019)

The concept of the cover was worked out between me and Travis Smith. The label (Blood Music) had recommended Travis since he had been long time collaborator, though, as I understand it, we were the first band on the label that worked with him for an original art piece. The main idea I had in mind stemmed from the running theme of the lyrics on the album, which is language and its poietic (creative and formative) power. The album name, Descender, ties into the language aspect, for its about climbing into one’s self and using dialectical introspection as a tool to get to “know thy self.” Hence, the void faced man with a spiraling path that leads to its interior world. That interior world echoes and ripples into the outside world, hence the black matter that is pours out from him, creating new universes of thoughts and realities. This also works in a feedback-loop kind of way, where the void swallows all of the external world’s influence, us being embedded and embodied organisms, and hence creating a universe within. This idea runs throughout the 6-panel digipack casing (and whatever other casing it will eventually come in). Travis Smith went far and beyond anything we could have hoped for and comes HIGHLY recommended on my part.

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