Behind The Artworks: Of Spire And Throne - Penance (2019)

The artwork for Penance was created by our friend Sarah Green. I loved the artwork which Lucas Ruggieri drew for Sanctum in the Light, but I felt that I was seeing more and more of the same thing on albums and it turned me towards thinking about a different style. I really wanted to use a painting and I knew Sarah's work was awesome so I asked her if she would like to be involved. Her paintings are surreal and beautiful, human and vulnerable, but otherworldly, too. I see pain and longing and wounds in her work. She loves drawing eyes and she's very particular about colours and I felt that this was perfect for the themes of reflection, vision, and looking at the past, present, and future. Most of the art we used was based on paintings she had already created, but she painted the image of teeth especially for the album - they're actually my teeth, based on a photograph she took. I really love her artwork and we're really pleased that she's a part of Penance. I feel that the art really reflects the themes, vibe, approach and sound of the album. Chaos, madness, human fallibility, but beauty in among the mess. Our friend and long-time collaborator Alan J. Tait worked on layout and text, and his clean, minimal and stately style really sit well with creating the right atmosphere for the release. Alan arranged all of Sarah's art and did layouts for multiple formats, including CD, tape, and vinyl.

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