Interviews About Albums: Warfaith - Pint Of Pils (2019)

1.What can you say about your upcoming Ep “Pint of Pils”?

Pint of Pils is a concentrate of 5 friends, thrash, beers, cats and a good and funny dose of kidding. This EP was composed with all of us ideas, with everyone’s contribution. That’s us, a mixture of several styles and different influences.

2. What is the meaning of your Eps name?

We made it simply like it means! ;) But this name comes from an anecdote between Max and Jojo when they were meeting to drink beers, they were crying « Pint of Pils » as rallying cry. Furthermore, in the band, drinking beer is a philosophy.

3. Which one within the band is the main composer of the EP?

The songs were essentially composed by Odian and Jojo (guitars), after validation of each of us. Rémi added his drums ideas and parts, Romain his bass leads with some sweet words from Max and Nico Xanort (Warfaith’s buddy).

4. If you had to pick one song on this EP, which one would you pick?

If we had, it would be « Pint of Pils » just because it sums up a night of debauchery. Quiet start, explosive entrance, a return to a quiet passage (moment of the evening when the atmosphere comes down) then a whip restarts to party until the end of the night. The silence at the end of the song is just the moment we sleep (it works, doesn’t it?) 

5. Is there a special message you want to convey through this EP?

This is us. Songs of which we are very proud. We wanted to keep some of our bullshits singing/backing that resumes we do not want to be serious like most of current bands. We like to keep a rock’n’roll touch. It’s also a way of saying that despite the life events that we go through, good or bad moments, there’s always enough time for a beer! 

6. Are there some lyrics that you’d love to share with us?

« Pint of Pils » is a concentrate of funny mood, beer and its effect, cats and zombies. There are also more serious topics such as « Education of Life » about society and « Vermin » talking about power and thinking heads that lead us. Inspiration is quite varied because we listen to many different styles of music that can lead to good ideas when we are together. In general, we have a base of composition and each of us brings back his ideas and his personal touch while keeping fast music with powerful and heavy riffs. One of the advantages of working this way is that we can all express ourselves. Warfaith is what it is due to each one of us.

7. Which inspirations have been important for this EP? Like musically or friends, family, someone you'd love to thank especially?

As previously stated, our inspirations are varied but they come together in good hour, sharing between friend and music. The important thing is that we don’t take ourselves seriously because we do things as we wish, which is not always easy to support or understand for our loved ones.

We also want to thank Nico Xanort for his great work on lyrics and for the
featuring on « Vermin ».

8. Something to add to end this interview?

Thrash, beer and cats (they will dominate the world one day!)

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