Track By Tracks: Black Tree Vultures - Black Tree Vultures (2019)

1. Bitter:

We wanted to start the record with a powerful rock anthem, pure power and adrenaline to really kick things into gear. This song was written while some of us were going through a tough time which is why you can hear so much emotion in the song especially the vocals. Fast paced basslines and a ripping guitar solo to really kick things off with a bang! Watch the video:

2. No More Empathy:

This song is probably one of our heaviest songs written to date. Inspired lyrically by all that is wrong with the world with regards to Politics and world events, its an attack on the state of affairs in this modern age. With an aggressive first half of the song, it opens up into a bright middle section to provide a real dynamic for a solo to sit nicely on. We really give it some at the end and it's one of the favourites to play live! Check the video out:

3. Ode To Johanna:

This song is one of the few songs that came together very easily, using almost a call and response feel in the verse felt different and unique to what we were trying to achieve. The song itself was written about being consumed by a seductive figure while highlighting the fact that sometimes there is more to a person than meets the eye. Heralding a very powerful chorus combined with the simplicity of the verse really makes a contrast that we feel worked really well.

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