Track By Tracks: DAMAGE S.F.P. - Ruthless Fate (2019)

1. Ride:

A story of a man that hunts for pretty hitchhikers to get them for their last ride. This track presents musically what Damage S.F.P. is about: straight forward power. The song starts with the sounds of V8-engine and some gravel under the car wheels. And then we go. In this song there is also a bit of rock groove in the verses, helping the listener to ”see” the old pickup truck driving on the roads.
2. Death of Innocent:

The last night of innocent prisoner before his death penalty. This song has had influences from death metal as the rhythm and the vocals are quite unorthodox for a thrash metal band. At the time (1993) J. Nikkilä was listening to Martin van Drunen (Pestilence / Asphyx). Influence can be heard from the vocals. Death of Innocent is the only track in the album that includes some keyboards.

3. Ruthless Fate:

Apocalypse from start to finish. This track, as well as ”Tyrants” are the oldest ones in the album, since they were composed in 1991-1992. Pure thrash with modern sounds and a lead guitar that was added to the original composition in the album recording session.
4. Tyrants:

Politicians tend to pretend and betray. Some of the worst politicians are tyrants. Old school thrash metal song with death metal vibes. One of the oldest compositions of the album, originally published as a demo version in ”Beginning of Decay” demo tape 1992. Martin van Drunen -influences can be heard from the chorus vocals already.
5. Insomnium:

An instrumental song played with only acoustic guitars. In the original version, there was also vocals, bass, and drums, but we decided that instrumental version is much better and gives a good contrast to other tracks in the album.

6. Ode to Sorrow:

If life is just a continuous list of disappointments, there is only one thing to do: To end it all. This track is the most technical and complex of all the songs in the album. Composed in 1994, this track tells about the change that was going on with the musical direction at the time. Sad but at the same time a beautiful song. The structure of the song differs from the usual A-B-A-B-C-B -order. This one goes with A-B-C-A-B.

7. Tragedy:

A happy life can turn into a nightmare in just seconds. This track has not been ever before recorded, not even for even a demo tape. The tragedy was composed somewhere around 1993-1994 and goes to the same bucket with Ride. Straight forward, no questions asked.  
8. Grain Brain:

”Comes inside / to take your life / you’re not safe / run away!”  A madness that lasts only 2 minutes and 3 seconds. The second verse is less than 9 seconds long. By far the fastest and craziest track in the album. That said, this song tells about a totally insane, ”non-compos mentis” -kind of crazy fuck, who is willing to kill you in a most violent and perverted way.

9. Crying for Relief:

A believer is getting tired of waiting for promised Paradise. A classic thrash metal song with guitar solo and all. 10 points to whoever recognizes the intro clip: it is taken from an old horror movie, but what movie is it?

10. In Termination:

The border of life and death is mysterious. The most epic song of the album. Longest, and with most complex song structure: A1-A2-A3-B1-B2-C-D-A3-B1-B2-A1-A2. This song has strong influences from classic heavy metal and even Finnish folk music.

11. Burst of Rage:

This song is plain aggression. We wanted this to be last in the album so that people could ask after hearing the song something like ”what the fuck just happened?”. Listen and figure out.

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