Track By Tracks: DOAN - Stupidity Kills (2019)

The song Some kind Of ... speaks about our world and its people. It describes the world we live in and what kind of feelings a human can live or experiment in it. It could also be assumed that people may not be so evolved that they pretend and suggests that humanity probably needs more kindness and love.

Wrong Number ... talks about texting while driving. It tries to wake up people in the fact that their life will never be the same the day they’ll be involved in a car crash because they were texting while driving.

Step Back . .. talks about the power of the knowledge. It let suppose that people go away from each other and from their origin in favor of technology. We need to make a step back and review our real needs and if necessary, go back to the real values, the basis of life.

The Sheep... Here is a song that speaks about society patterns. Actually, people are programmed by society and follow the same path as lemmings. Society demands, the country requires and people do what they are asked to. If you are a bit different from the others you’ll get criticized by them. It’s sad because, in fact, we are all different.

Madness or Reason ... Is the duality between goodness and badness that one day or the others we’ll all have to face and live with the consequences of our choices.

We Belong To ... The main meaning of that song is about frontiers. We are living on this earth altogether and actually, the planet is round, no corners, it shouldn’t have borders. We are all human, just human and we belong to this world.

False Reality ... is speaking about what we don’t know but we should know. What rules this world? politics, lies, fears, money ... What’s true? What is false? What is the real reality? who really knows.

Happy Sobriety ... definitely talks about overconsumption, all abuses that we do, it talks also about the pollution that we produce but especially medications and drugs that are consumed. Sobriety, moderation, resistance, genius! Here’s the message.

The Same ... resumes all the songs of the album. Tells us that we are in the same place, made with same things, breathing the same air, born in the same way. It says that if we don’t pay attention to the earth and to each other, humanity could disappear faster than we are thinking.

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