Track By Tracks: Ghosts Of Men - Hang Fire (2019)

So, our main character is newly single (not by his choice) and he tries to get over her by going out and sewing his wild oats. Not being too fussy about who he is with, he latches onto the first person to show him any sort of affection. He senses that she is a bit too keen, but never the less, he is happy and they are on their way. It slowly dawns on him the lady in question is a bit of a nutter/bunny boiler/arm biter, but it’s too late. It’s all gone a bit crimestoppers, and now he is trying to convince her to release him.
N.B. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental…………

It’s the internal struggle we all face at some point when we think we have hit a brick wall, and are not going any further, so we make all the excuses we can think of, but really, it’s only us that have the real power to push ourselves on. We have all had our minds try to play tricks on us to not do something, and later we regret it. So this is a call to arms to say let’s ‘ave ya! Show me what you’ve got! I WANT YOU TO BLOW ME AWAY!

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