Track By Tracks: Hosemen - Saturday Nite Conformity (2019)

1. Sickness: 

Is about a certain feeling you get towards someone whether you are around them or away from them and vice versa. The lyrics to the song are pretty straight forward, for example, “Got a sickness, I’ve got a sickness for you, And I got to fix this, I got to fix this for you, Only you.” is talking about fixing a friendship or a relationship of someone who you never want to be away from. The song also points out how important this person is and letting them know that they are loved all around the world by everyone. Having this Sickness towards someone is a way of telling them how much they impacted the people around them in a good way. The artwork was done Marcella Colavecchio and Daniel Adams in Austin Texas. She drew this by conveying the feeling of what having a Sickness towards someone would feel to her.

2. I Surround:

This song is pretty straight forward. It’s about the beginning of a relationship and how you surround each other and drown yourselves in each other. Also touches on being so horny that you can’t even feel your feet. This song has very little content as it speaks for itself.

5. Hollow Man:

Is about how certain substances can make you feel hollowed out. It’s based upon true reoccurring events and how these events gave life no reasoning. For example “Six am, And I’m high as a kite, I’ve got no regrets for this lifetime, I’m a hollowed man, I’ve become Hollow man, From the outside looking inside” From the lyrics obviously you can tell It’s about a certain drug that puts people into autopilot, speaking before thinking. The picture was taken by Mathew Vinci choose us because we thought it would describe how we looked/acted if we were looking at ourselves from the outside during a manic hollowed out period. A crazy Hollowed Man is what we saw and it reminded us of the early 90’s era imagery. We think Hollow Man is our most powerful meaningful song especially since everyone sings along when we play it live.

6. Saturday Nite Conformity:

Is about not conforming to what people want you to conform too. It is about growing up in my neighborhood and seeing what is out there and finally becoming an adult and traveling the world. The song mentions two squares in Amsterdam, Dam Square & Leidsplein. It is about the feeling I get walking in the streets of Amsterdam and feeling so free and walking to my own beat. You see the neon lights and just come alive!

7. Touch the Skys:

This is a song that sort of jumps around and has no real focus on one certain topic. The lyrics evolved over time and touches on two subjects, drugs and relationship. The two were very similar in feeling and in the outcome. It has a play on how good it feels to have your heart broken. It is a certain high that you get that only happens when you have your heart is broken and vice versa. It is also a play on how people see you and ask you to get them high without them even saying hello. So, I just say my hello’s and say my goodbye’s at the same time.

8. Rotterdam:

This song was written while I was in Rotterdam in 2015. It has nothing to really do with the city, except for it being written there & inspired. I was pretty heartbroken before going on this trip and this 3 week trip all over Europe sort of set me straight. The chorus screams “ if I fall down, I get back up “. So it is the sort of song that I try and fake myself out into believing that. It worked half the time. LOL

9. Mush:

This is the oldest song out of the bunch that has survived over the years of songwriting. The word Mush is short for Mushroom. This song is about an amazing night tripping on Mushrooms in New York City with 4 other friends. The song takes you on a journey into various moods as you can hear in the way the song itself takes a lot of twists and turns. This is a song you can just use your imagination and see where it takes you!!!

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