Behind The Artwork: Odds Of An Afterthought - Through Eyes Of Change (2019)

I personally love the meaning behind the EP artwork for Through Eyes of Change. We actually went through a few different ideas for the title and the actual artwork before all agreeing on the final versions of the title and artwork. The title came after all the songs were 100% completely written but our mindset wasn’t for this to be a concept EP. Each song all shared a common theme and that was the theme of someone or something changing and how that person or thing adapts to certain situations. We came up with “Seasons of Change” at first and told our designer to freelance off that title. Our designer had sent us a mock idea which included the head/face of a female with a black and white strip in the middle of her face and it included a set of eyes looking off into a different direction. It really caught my eye because of how unique it looked but I knew it didn’t quite line up with the title of “Seasons of Change”. We ultimately decided to continue with the design but we opened up to the idea of changing the title to fit the artwork better and that is how we came up with “Through Eyes of Change”. Instead of having the face with a set of eyes looking straight forward, we really connected with the set of eyes that looked off into a different direction because we all see through a different perspective. We
all view the world in our own perspective and each song on the EP carried the common theme of change. The EP discusses how life isn’t stagnant and how people are constantly changing as well as everything around us and that's why we chose the title Through Eyes of Change for the artwork.

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