Behind The Artworks: Concrete Funeral - Ultimum Judicium (2019)

Our Album cover art was done by an artist named Troy Worden out of Perth, Australia. He was ramping up his social media (Vile Treats Artwork) with a contest for a free drawing we ended up using as a T-shirt design. We really dug the shirt design and liked working with Troy so we gave him our concept and within a week had a completed piece that we loved. It was going to be nearly impossible to overlook! I'd pick it up and give it a listen if I saw artwork like this. The colors and feel of the cover just suit the overall sound and feel of the music. The title “Ultimum Judicium” was (probably incorrectly) translated from Latin to mean Final Judgment and when we came up with the album title it was easy to come up with the concept of this melting face demon at a podium of body parts reading you your “Ultimum Judicium”. We wanted our artwork to have the same characteristics as our music, bright, elaborate, over the top and think it couldn’t have come out better.

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