Behind The Artworks: Profanation - Into Cascades Of Blood And Burning Soil (2019)

On our first albums, we were very DIY when it came to artworks. Our singer at the time is also a tattoo artist and media designer, so he naturally took over that part. While we were pretty happy with the results at the time and I will always remember how we would sit in his apartment for hours, while he applied slight changes and moved things one pixel back or forth, haha. As we had our first label release - “Lustful Screams Of Torture” (2007)-, they wanted something that wouldn’t create censorship problems. So that one was really tamely done by a friend. After these experiences, we decided to give artworks into professional hands. Mottla Art created two artworks for “Contorted Bodies In Pain” (2011) because the label thought the first one was too extreme. We were very happy with both, so this quality of design has now to be standard for a PROFANATION release.  Our main man Alex is regularly searching the web for artworks and designs, so he came in touch with Rudi Gorgingsuicide Art Yanto. Rudi agreed to design our album completely and I have to say “Into Cascades Of Blood And Burning Soil” turned out absolutely stunning. He perfectly brought Alex’ ideas into life and it took a lot of Facebook messages to finish, haha.

The cover as a whole has a huge apocalyptic touch which comforts the overall content of the album perfectly and sums it up. To give you my thoughts on it: metaphorically speaking it reflects the state of the world. Maybe seeming a bit over-the-top, but you have the victim – world in general, nature, humankind – being sacrificed by the church/ religion, corporations, the quiet mass around, looking zombified. I also think that it’s quite provocative here, that Jesus is holding the blade as he’s always used as a symbol of love, peace, and harmony, but still, a lot of perverted deeds are/ were done in his name. For some onlookers, the guy in the middle looks a bit like Hitler, which was not intentional but it would fit. Some of the evils that haunt this world united in this picture, slaying the naked, innocent victim. The funny side story is, the youtube channel that was to present our lyric vid for “Unholy Brutality Unleashed” was a bit concerned as you see her nipples. Our video creator convinced us that it would be ok and we didn’t get problems on youtube but Facebook banned the video from advertising. Yes, it is the perfect cover for this album and we can’t thanks Rudi enough for his patience and understanding.

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