Behind The Tracks: Malarrabia - Anticontaminación (2019)

The song "Anticontamination" was written in a moment of frustration and indignation for so many things that happened around us. It started as a direct response to a governor who really had no control over our country, a criticism of what was happening and a criticism to the media that only conceal important things with trashy news. It felt an atmosphere of conformity and disinterest quite strong.

The term anticontamination for us means to transmit purification or detoxification of everything that does not let us see our reality (injustice, false religions, corruption, the wrong media, etc). Anticontamination it's the second track of our forthcoming album with the same name that will be out the next month. This song represents a lot for us because it is one of the songs that most encompasses our feelings.

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