Behind The Tracks: Svet Kant - Sea Of Planets (2019)

The track "Sea of Planets" serves as a closure to the journey "The Visage Unbiased" is. It combines a singing duet by Santiago and mezzo-soprano Rebecca Rodgers and is a great way to wrap up the album.

The idea of this track is to let the listener complete the album with a relaxing and meditative track. A song that will allow him/her to let go and just be carried away by the music.

Additionally, the track is written for classical guitar with simple accompaniment by the drums and bass. The track talks about letting go off resentment and envy, anger and malice. About leaving behind all material possessions while portraying a legacy of positive thoughts and memories of our beloved ones.

The video was done by Russian cinematographer Olga Kuzmenko in the wilderness of the Wicklow mountains.

Actors are:

Sohaib Syed Model - Gentleman
Yasmin Ribeiro - Lady
John Yeates - Fallen Angel

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