Track By Tracks: Alcotopia - It Hits The Spot (2019)

1. Armageddon:

The prophecy portrayed on the album art. The world drowns in an apocalyptic shrewd which has taken the souls of all but the few who embraced the evil that has risen. 

2. Faceless Man:

A tale of life in the country we all live in - Alcotopania, where all the politicians, billionaires, and other powerful people have their heads shoved so far up their own asses that the elusive Faceless Man is free to take complete control over mankind. The only form of resistance that Faceless Man has overlooked is madness.

3. Doctor Waclow:

This piece is about one of those Alcotopanian madmen called Dr. Waclow and his day-to-day activities as a self-inflicting brain doctor. This song and Faceless Man were both released before the rest of the album as singles. 

4. Asylum Of The Damned:

A song dedicated to some religious freaks who used to bitch about our rehearsals being too loud. Your pedo church brothel lays in rubble, cunts. 

5. Insanity For Sale: 

Another one of Alcotopanias madmen used to be locked up in the asylum, but today he has broken free with only one goal in mind. To tear this world down to the ground.

6. F.Y.E.S.:

A song about what the madman saw after he broke out of the asylum. The riffs for this song were written the day we found out Jeff Hanneman died. 

7. Persecutor:

Another story about another one of Alcotopanias rebelling madmen, who achieves his vengeance by slaughtering Faceless Man's warmongering generals. 

8. Mountain King:

Alcotopania is in chaos as hordes of sober control freaks try to breach the gates of the Mountain king's realm and destroy his unholy booze. Blood, moonshine warriors, and Edward Grieg. 

9. Alcotopia: 

As the dust settles down on the war-torn Alcotopanian landscape, a horrid hangover kicks in for the few remaining survivors and there is only one solution... ....More Beer

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