Track By Tracks: Anachronaeon - Everyday Chronicles (2019)

1. Denial-Card:

The intro is shamelessly inspired by Emperor’s ”Curse You All Men”. I am a huge fan of the band, so that may not come as a surprise. Lyric-wise the theme is actually about the vegan perspective, how we treat animals, but it is written a kind of openly. This makes it applicable to several themes of injustice, like Chinese workers in Apple’s factories, etc. Basically about man’s ruthless exploitation of everything that comes between the self and the goal. The riff on which the ending solo is executed on is strongly inspired by the last Sanctuary release, which I listened a lot to at the time when I wrote this song. Not our typical Anachronaeon-riff, but it totally works in the context.

2. Within Fairytales:

The first song I wrote for the album. Probably a reaction to the ”Oracle”-album, which was relatively speedy. This one is about the mythology of the oceans. At first I was gonna do a thematic album about this and wrote this story about a man who works by a beacon, finds a mermaid, and their future relation ends up becoming a full out war between the seaworld and the human works because the mermaid was kidnapped by a traveling circus and the sea people blames the beacon guy etc. When I was complete with all the lyrics I read through it a couple of times and threw it all away. It didn’t really work. But I kept the lyrics of the first song, which was this. Because I was satisfied with this opening of the theme. Probably my favorite track of the album, because it is so perfectly balanced between melodies and atmosphere. Very finish doomy in a way. Amorphis a la the 90s.

3. Relief:

One of the more classic rock tracks of the album, or actually, maybe the only one? This one is a lot ”Sentenced” oriented. This was the second song I wrote for the album. The lyrics are about not denying yourself what you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone in the process. Also written in a not too defined way so that you can apply it to yourself. We wanted to have a solo duel-like approach in
this since Kenneth was picking up his guitar pace. So Kenneth wrote the first half, and I did the second. A classic heavy metal concept which is cool in my opinion.

4. The Shadow In The Burning Sunset:

Our big epic on the album. This one is about the infamous pirate Blackbeard. I had to google some stuff to make the lyrics credible, while still keeping the haunting evil feeling through. Lots of black metal inspired parts in this one, especially at the end of the song before going into the melodic parts.

First, we thought about adding lots of orchestral drums, etc in the slow building parts, and samples of seagulls, etc, but there were so many layers anyways so we skipped it.

5. Vampire:

A pretty aggressive song about people around you feeding off your energy. We all know one of those. The title of the song was inspired by La Vey’s ”psychic vampire”-term. A real challenge to sing in the rehearsal space, because it is so many words, so fast. Makes you feel like Tom Arays on the Reign in Blood album hahaha!

6. Under The Wintersun:

An instrumental track in which we felt vocals to be irrelevant. There are so many parts in which the melodies speak that we felt adding vocals to would not accomplish anything.

7. Cog:

Another one of my favorites on the album. The theme of the song is that we are all just cogs in a big machine which doesn’t really care about us, knowing that we are replaceable. A question about how we spend most of our lives fulfilling visions of others rather than doing what we want for ourselves. A melodic piece with a black metal feel, and a ”Don’t fear the reaper”-esque acoustic part.

8. Scalpel-God:

The angriest song on the album. Really brutal guitar parts and my vocals almost remind me about Vader in some parts. Cool drumming too, done in one take because we live mic: ed all drums which means that we cannot move strokes in the computer since the natural sound would give that away. This leads to some extra work and retakes on some songs but provides that natural almost analog sound which is rare today. The lyrical theme is about how we all seem to do everything to look as beautiful as we can, implants, boob jobs, botox lips, even playing with the thought about customizing how our unborn children might be sculpted if this goes too far. But also that no matter what we do on the surface, the ugliness withing will always shine through. Very proud of the lyrics on this one. Brutal and to the point!

9. Open Road:

This one is probably the most progressive track on the album starting with a theme, evolving into a death metal song turning full circle returning to the theme in the end. A real challenge to hold together, but that is also what makes it special in my book. The lyrical theme is about the thought of how much you are in control of your own life.

10. Ashes In Your Mouth:

When we decided to put this one last on the album we had to make an acoustic moody intro for it. It was also then that we realized we had to make a really juicy end because I had then taken the decision to end the band already. So we knew we had to make this epic! My friend Janne put his piano skills on this and many other tracks on the album, really enhancing the total feel of it. The song
is about losing the will to live. Very original in the metal scene, I know hahaha.

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