Track By Tracks: Carry The Crown - I Know You (2019)

Caught in the middle is a song about choices, changes, and living in-between two separate lives. Lyrically the verses focus on the idea time running out but the life you want to live becoming ever closer. The chorus is an explosive anthem that screams out the fact that you know yourself and what you want, it is almost reaffirming in its intentions, “I know you, this is all you wanted to show”. The song explores the idea of being torn between the life you have to live and the one you want to. This is a return to our more anthemic rock-inspired musical influences that delivers its message with true power. It is a true reflection of how we feel like a band balancing our dream with our reality.

Planmaker is all about manipulation and the switching of power within a relationship. It’s a story that follows how a person within a relationship can hurt each the passively with dramatic effect, “I know, you’re going to go and tell all your friends about me, all you’d do without me”. The chorus is the other side of this story, giving power to the one who is being mistreated. It focuses on how they know how destructive the other side of the relationship is and, instead of letting that get to them, they have taken the power back by realizing this passive aggressive nature exists. This is a more up-tempo, alt-rock track. It has been in our live set for a while and has also been a crowd pleaser so we are happy to finally release the recorded version.

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