Track By Tracks: Chemical City Rebels - A New Plague (2019)

1. Disassociate:
This song is ultimately about dissolving the ego.  Disconnecting from what you view as your self-importance and rebuilding in a more positive manner.
2. Patternicity:
This song is about our addiction to technology.  Social media has now given everyone a voice and for a lot of people an over-inflated sense of self-importance.  People, at least online, seem to be less interested in looking at other people’s perspectives and more focused on pushing their ideologies on everyone else. 
Our song (Don’t  Let The Bastards Grind You Down) is about letting go of the negativity in your life whether that be caustic relationships or negative habits/mindsets.
4. What We Have Done:
This is probably the most doom and gloom song on the album.  It is mostly about the growing division that I have observed between people.  Everyone seems to have a team and if you’re not on their team then you are automatically an adversary.  Most people have more in common than not, but that gets overshadowed by what ideological “team” they are on.  What will it take to get everyone united?
5. Time:
Time is about learning to stop fixating on external things that you cannot control and focusing on what changes you need to make within yourself. 
6. Western Decline:
Empires rise and fall.  Some people say that western civilization is on the decline.  While I’m not convinced that it is, I think some changes are definitely needed and that starts with changing oneself.
7. Separate:
It is a song about change, particularly when dealing with relationships, romantic or platonic.  Over a period of years, people can change dramatically and find what drew them together in the first place has now set them at odds, leaving the base of their relationship severed.  Change is often good and needed for growth and should be looked upon as a necessary part of life.
8. Introspection:
As the title suggests this song is about self-reflection.
9. New Plague:
This is about the rise of opioid addiction in our community.  I don’t think I know anyone that hasn’t had some connection to it through family or friends.  It also addresses the feeling of hopelessness one experiences while in the grips of addiction and in turn that same feeling when watching a loved one struggle with addiction.     

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