Track By Tracks: Concrete Funeral - Ultimum Judicium (2019)

Each song is its own tale. We had the cover done in the style of a graphic novel to paint a picture as well as an audio intro that we want to accompany the sound of our music. Clearly to be taken with a grain of salt on the seriousness of the lyrical content. Straight forward, groovy Death Trash that does contain elements of black metal and punk as well.

1. Ultimum Judicium:

A short “ b-style” movie type intro followed by a quick musical interlude. Just to warm up the ol ear pussy
2. Speak Of Devil:

A commentary and venting on the evils and corruptions of organized religion and its effects on its followers' psyche that turns into a daydream of what the followers may expect in the afterlife. Starts hot out of the gate with pummelling double kicks and matching rhythms thrashes along, hits a couple of grooves along the way and thrashes back home.
3. Drown:

Based on thoughts on the Mormon religion after working in a temple and learning about the beliefs, stories, and secrets. Fueled by tales of Warren Jeffs and his perverted reign. Starts out on a  slow and creepy groove riff that quickly builds to the usual thrashing pace of the album, again a few different type s of death and groove parts to an ending where you ‘Drown’
4. Holocomb:

The first-person story of a hive of Japanese Honeybees under attack by much larger wasps, the wasps can behead the bees at alarming rates and they do, until they’re lured into the hive to get hit with the secret weapon…. This song starts at 220 bpm and stays along the same path the whole way. Thrash down picking, death tremming, blast beats and pissed off screaming about bees is what you’ll find here
5. Code Adam:

The story of Ottis Toole including the abduction and beheading of 6-year-old Adam Walsh. 9 riffs, no repeating riffs, a progressive death thrash rollercoaster.
6. Toxic Fuck:

This one is based on the idea of taking somebody home that’s been contaminated by a government-engineered sexually transmitted disease that eradicates life by melting its victims. Very B movie inspired. Slow groove, a doomy intro with leads that slams into a punky riff and death vocals and rips into a death section to level up. Onto some thrashy riffing and screaming, add some fuckin dive-bombs in there and punk it the fuck back up.. BAM that’s Toxic Fuck right there.
7. Mattress Stains:

Manifested feelings towards those you’ve been with that disgust you. Very melodic Carcass like the intro to this song that moves more to a slayer style riff and groove. It goes through its paces hitting some very heavy groove section and landing back on a death metal note. One of our Favourites on the record.
8. Carnival Of Contradictions:

This song is about every asshole that fucked you around or threw you under the bus. A fuck you to coattail riders and snake In the grass types alike. Mainly thrash and groove in this tune, as well as a cool progressive section that leads you into a blistering solo and back out into the thrash/ groove zone.
9. Stabbed To Death:

Straight up about hunting somebody down and playing with their insides just for the sheer pleasure of doing so, again very b movie inspired as you’ll see from the lyric video. Straight up thrash riffs in the vein of Exodus, meant to be a quick catchy single that sounds mean as the lyrics are.

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