Track By Tracks: Silver Relics - Generic (2019)

1. Fame:

This looks at the motive and ambition surrounding the idea of fame. How it can serve as a purpose to many instead of an outcome based on one’s purpose. I wanted to break this concept down into what someone might experience or ask themselves while they’re in pursuit of trying to get to that place they’ve always imagined.

2. Generic:

The initial mix was much different than what you hear on the record. My producer, Howie Beno, thought to strip away a good amount of guitar layers, which really brought out the cinematic components of the synth. The theme running through this one is how to allow yourself an opportunity to allow others a chance to be in your life. It’s in the context of courage (which only strengthens as you continue to build).

3. End of Zero:

How to accept the current state of things without facing it until the day it all catches up with you.

4. Gridlock:

I was frustrated when I wrote this one. I had a lot of frustrating things going on around me and knew I had to write it out. So it’s basically a list of things that I didn't have or thought some people might want. It’s both extravagance and conservation. It’s about moving on physically and emotionally while you level mental blockades.

5. Time Bomb:

Written from an addict’s perspective, it's about going after something you refuse not to have while you willingly lose your mind to take it. That something is different for everyone. Of course, you can chase multiple things at once, but it usually falls under the scope of the one thing that's most important once you've circled back.

6. Wanderlust:

This one explores the grey areas in your life. You’re in the process of figuring it out. And your mind puts you in unpredictable spaces.

7. Submarine:

I wrote this one in different pieces. The lyrics were always there but it really came into its own in the studio. Mostly, it was really important to me to use submarine in a song.

8. Cardiac:

This one’s bright and it moves. It’s a way of letting people know you’re there. The same way you know they are for you.

9. Colors:

An anthem for when life just makes sense for no particular reason. It's a clean start in a chaotic environment. 

10. Yellow Master Motive:

A bold, strange and honest way of saying that you’re aware you’re being observed. And I think these types of things are definitely worth a song. I always pictured it being sung in an empty elevator for some reason.

11. Small Talk:

Letting go of a life you knew to go pick up where you left off.

12. Postscript:

The chorus “Everybody’s on a mission for a name…” is surrounded by many many layers of words, guitars, drums, and synth. It’s a final thought and it also bookends this album. There are hints of a solution, but it’s also asking you to go back and listen to everything that was said all over again.

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