Track By Tracks: TESSITURA - Unearth The Underworld (2019)

Unearth the Underworld is a 5 track release from Edmonton, Alberta's Death/Thrash veterans, Tessitura. Released in June 2018, it features five of the band's strongest efforts to date. It takes the listener on the rollercoaster of Tessitura's evolution as each song drives forward into a whirlwind of themes and expressions. Unearth the Underworld was created with the intention of capturing the unparalleled intensity of a Tessitura live experience, and every ounce of that punishing energy is being displayed on this record.

Wounds of the Righteous: opens the record in a frenzy of bombastic rage, preaching against the hypocrisy of organized religion.

Arguably the most riff-heavy track on the album, “Bison Hat” is a fast-paced expression on a modern world, forcing the listener to question their societal choices and their leaders.

Stagnant” offers a slow build that leaves the listener eager with anticipation. This slower-tempo, but infectiously groovy number features themes blind faith and “stagnant” beliefs.

If “Severed Earth” doesn't get the listener banging their heads, nothing will. This song meanders through elements of groove and speed with a dangerously captivating intent.

Contrary to the slower, ominous intro of “Of the Inferno”, the song explodes with fiery rage into a thrashy sermon addressing the importance of loyalties and where they lay. Closing out Unearth the Underworld, “Of the Inferno” is the perfect conclusion to this sonic storm.

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