Band Biographies: The Altruist

The Altruist is an upcoming Modern Metal band that mixes a catchy and heavy sound with electronic influences. With experienced members among its ranks, the band understands the reality of the modern scene and is geared with experience to efficiently drive a band forward.

The band started with Jeremy B. as a personal project. After showing some demos to friends, former singer Clemz decided to join in with drummer Maurice joined around the same time. Former bassist Francis, who used to play with Jeremy in a previous project, joined no too long after. For about a year, the band started practicing and entered pre-production. Unfortunately, the band parted ways with singer Clemz due to personal differences. In June 2017, the band released an instrumental version of the song Destiny in hope of finding a new singer and a second guitar player. Few months later, the band found singer Jeremy through a Youtube audition for the now called band In Motive ( Sergio joined around the same time and was referred by one of the band's close friends. The newly formed band shared a strong chemistry right from the start and was ready to work hard to get the name The Altruist out there.

Now with a complete lineup, the band released the debut Single Destiny in June 2018 to raise awareness. While the band gained some exposure and started playing a few local shows,  it has worked with Christian Donaldson from The Grid on a debut EP AEGIS released in April 2019. Its first single No Guiding Light dropped in December 2018 and gives a good overview of what the band is all about (modern tone, moody ambiances, catchy choruses, heavy riffs, synth layers).

As of today, the band is still promoting their EP AEGIS and continues to play shows here and there. The band is also currently focusing on releasing video content to further promote the EP through social media. Next step for the band is to continue writing and further expend the musical identity of the group.  

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