Band Biographies: ANTARTANDES

ANTARTANDES is a black metal band founded in the year 2006 by Al Stumpf in Santiago of Chile. That same year, the band recorded their single demo debut named “Against the planetary order”. Since then, the band started to make several recordings, between pauses due to personal situations and rotations of the members of the band. In this first decade, the band has recorded the EP “The glory of our hate” (2008), the demo “Nostri Novus Ordo Seclorum” (2009), and the demo named “Secret Unknown Regime” (2012). In 2013, Antartandes recorded the album “Rising Okkult Spiritus”, which is released in 2014 by the NorthAmerican label “Razed Soul Productions”. In 2016, the split “Ignis Fatuus”, alongside Arsenius, is released by the Chilean underground label “Maze productions”. By the end of 2016, the band recorded the demo “Lucifer Arquetipo Acorporeo”, thus giving an end to this first decade. In 2018, Antartandes starts a new era! Achieving a completely stable formation, Arminius, Argoth, Tempenor and Al take a leap forward by adding orchestration, with a wider musical approach, added to the inspirations, ideology, concepts and artistic projections of the band. The band has officially started this new era with the release of the EP named “Illvsio Machina”. This work includes 2 songs of long duration, being “Lucifer Arquetipo Acorporeo” and “Explosion Implosion”. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nicolas Onfray in Rubicon Estudio and Attic Records, on the second semester of 2018 in Santiago de Chile. Antartandes is now working on their next album, following the path, as “Illvsio Machina”.  

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