Band Biographies: Beyond Forgiveness

Beyond Forgiveness is a Symphonic Metal band from Colorado Springs, CO. Reformed in 2014 by original guitarists Richard Marcus and Greg Witwer, Beyond Forgiveness is on a focused quest to embody the full meaning of the label ‘symphonic’ through the composition of lush classical orchestras, choirs, and operatic vocals with a hints of folk, colliding with extreme elements found in death metal and black metal which some having labeled as “Beautality”.

Originally formed as a studio project as well as working through finding the perfect line-up, the band released their first EP, “The Ferryman’s Shore.” Featuring new singer Talia Hoit, the album quickly gained national and international recognition, including rave reviews in numerous metal publications such as Sonic Cathedral, Lords of Metal, Metal Gods TV, etc.

Continuing the quest to find a permanent line-up, Beyond Forgiveness recruited drummer Sean Rogers and quickly began playing around the Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. In 2017, the band completed a small tour in Europe, playing shows in Germany, and Belgium culminating in the “1st annual, 6 Hours of Symphonia Festival” in Lausanne, Switzerland. While in Europe, the band met with Czech producer Jarek Musil, who previously worked on the EP and began recording their first full-length album.

In November of the same year, Beyond Forgiveness released, “The Great Wall.” Partnering with the promotional company Metal Coffee PR, the album again gained national and international recognition. Numerous songs have been added to standard rotations on several internet radio stations as well as two Colorado stations. Within a few weeks, the band was contacted by and signed with Sliptrick Records.

Partnering with Sliptrick Records, Beyond Forgiveness enlisted the help of bassist Jim Lasselle and is currently recording their second full-length album “Live to Tell the Story”, which is projected to be released in the Spring of 2019. In support of the upcoming album, the band will also be setting off on a full, 14 show, Eastern European Tour throughout, Ukraine, Russian and Latvia including the ARM Antimateria Rock and Metal Festival in Lipetsk, Russia.

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