Band Biographies: Dancing Flame

Since the beginning, Dancing Flame has had the proposal of moving between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, joining 'punch' and melody within a harmonic and melodic variation, sometimes incorporating references of other musical styles, thus defining its musical personality. 

The last album "Carnival of Flames", released in 2014, obtained great repercussion in the specialized media and with the public. The album had special guests like Mark Boals (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) on "Follow the Sun" and D.C. Cooper (Royal Hunt) on the ballad "Dry My Tears". The band had the opportunity to master the album in the legendary Sterling Sound Studio (NY) which undoubtedly contributed to highlighting the arrangements. After this work, the band participated in the tribute "Flight Without Back", dedicated to Brazilian band Harppia released in 2015 by the Portuguese label Metal Soldiers, and had the opportunity to record the band’s classic: "Salém Cidade das Bruxas". The version was highly praised in the metallic scene and even by members of Harppia themselves.

Now the band releases their new video "Dark Winter Days", the first single from the new album. The band remains faithful on their proposal to mix Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, and now with more punch and more melody. In "Dark Winter Days" the band sings about the human intolerance and all its extremes and consequences.  

Dancing Flame still works in the pre-production process of the new album, to be released soon.

Dancing Flame: 

Adriano Oliveira – Vocals & Backing Vocals
Emerson Mello & Leonardo Necas - Guitars & Backing Vocals 
Raphael Martins - Bass &a Backing Vocals 

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