Band Biographies: DESTROY PLANETS!

DESTROY PLANETS! are a modern UK metal band who entered the fray at the turn of the year. Although the quintet is a brand new project, they have spent the past two years carefully constructing and embellishing on their intruding sound. Drawing from a wealth of metal influences, DESTROY PLANETS! consist of four seasoned musicians and a very new-to-the-scene vocalist. They found Tanya, the band’s resident screamer, in a festival field, and the band knew instantly it was fated. Right-handed Aaron, is a left-handed guitar playing nutcase, who shares his guitar duties with Nathan, who secretly smashes out Guns and Roses solos when he thinks nobody is listening. Brad is the group’s bass doctor, who likes to think about his math’s homework whilst playing intricate breakdown rhythms. Lastly, Adam hits drums, plays synths, and spends far too much on production plugins.

From their inception, DESTROY PLANETS! have strived to create a modern metal sound unheard of in today’s industry by offering super throw down riffs, sharp intricate rhythms and blistering clean and heavy vocals. The band have just put down the finishing touches to their electrifying self-produced EP, Mass X Gravity, which is set to drop this Summer. The fiery fivesome are also poised to tour throughout the UK in 2019; stay glued to their social sites for festival updates.

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