Band Biographies: Homicide Hagridden

The band was founded in 1994 by drummer Stefano Moda vocalist-guitarist Massimo ModaLuca Guidi on bass and Fabrizio Fortunato on the second guitar complete the band, after some months the guitarist change with Fdele Pagano and the band records the first demo-tape "Sequence of Death" at Metchless studio Initially, the band had the name Death Slaughter but Stefano decides to change it to HomicideHagridden.The demo received many compliments from the Italian press and along with some bands in the local metal scene Homicide Hagridden performs for the first time in front of an audience which enhances the performance. After some internal disagreements the band, Luca Guidileft the band and David RuoRoch replace him giving an important contribution in the songwriting quality of the band. "Behind the lines" is the second demo recorded in 1996 and after a few gigs the band is thrown headlong into the creation of "Where angels work" in 1998 recorded at Nadir studio by TommyTalamanca. The band for the first time performs with bands such as BraindamageDetestorInsidia. The band releases a few promo-tape and some demos dedicated to label's deal. In 2002 the band record their first full-length album "Dead black sun" and signed a contract with Japanese Eclipse Records. With astonishment and disbelief, the album see the light only in 2005 and in the meantime the label vanishes. Some songs on the album appear in some compilations. The band releases "Mechanism Dead" published for the digital platforms in 2008 exploring a different sound with the addition of 7-string guitars. The band record at Orion studio recordings the second full-length. With the simple title of "Us" the album comes out the 'October 8, 2012, all over the world for Build-to-Kill records the album sees the band get positive attention from the press and media in general. Rock Hard Italy goes to defines Usas a most violent thrash album since the days of the legendary Slayer release Reign in Blood. The band plays in the same year with SamaelVaderKeep of KalessinCephalic CarnageNapalm DeathMelechesh. On the same day of release of the album, the band starts with a new bassist Valerio Possetto on a tour in Ukraine. Returning from the tour, the band starts to look at new guitarist to complete the line-up and they found the new guy Fabio Insalaco. In the meantime the songs for the new album are ready. Go back at Orion recording studio, the band working on the mix take a break to participate at Total metal fest that sees among headliners KreatorBehemoth and Decapitated.-

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