Band Biographies: Lyken21

Building on the trajectory of their previous album Konceptus, Lyken21’s newest release Taboo’s Tyranny is as ostensibly perplexing as it is daring and indefinable. Having no shame treading the cusp of the mainstream and underground, the band’s flexible approach remains steadfast as they continue to evolve alongside the ever-expanding spectrum of sub-genres within the hard rock/metal industry. The band takes pride roused from thought-provoking material and technical prowess, blurred with raw, often undisguised feeling that is presented on this latest production.

Whether listeners are looking for the more traditional rock-heavy songs found in “Little Less Dead” and “Neck Deep in the Ash”, European progressive influences in “Just Not Now” and “Starlight Symphony”, or even the industrial element found in “Serial Killer Voodeux”; it is clear there is something for everyone on this album.  

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