Band Biographies: MartyriuM

MartyriuM was formed as such in 2003, with the intention of showing through violent music, the reality of our system, unmask false dictators and abusers! At the beginning of 2004, the line-up was ready to crush them all, Cesar Marcoleta (Guitars/Vocals) Bastían Guerra (Guitars), Rodrigo Vera (Bass) and Adrian Olivares (Drums) were ready to start creating their own music, but not until 2006 with changes in the line-up, MartyriuM recorded their first rehearsal, with a terrible sound, which was called “The Worst Sound Ever, Rehearsal” 3 songs were in this, “Age Of Destruction” their first original song, “Tormentor” (from Kreator) and “Agent Orange” (From Sodom), having participated in many events with international and regional bands like, Social Shit (Arg), Andralls (Bra), Manthra, Evil Offering, Corazones Ebrios, and many more, the band recorded “Violent Showcase demo” which contained 4 original songs, “Years Of Tension”, “Age Of Destruction”, “Fucking Dictator” and “You Are Nothing” and also the new Line-up was stabilized, Cesar Marcoleta (Guitars), Bastían Guerra (Guitars), Rodrigo Vera (Bass/Vocals),Nicolás Maya (Drums). At the end of the promotion of this debut demo, Bastián left the band and was inmediately replaced for Luis Valladares, who contributed with many ideas and lot of energy for the band. By 2011, with many concerts and new original songs, the band had the opportunity to record their first LP, at “Organic Waves Records” owned by Daniel Naranjo (From Cranial implosion) 10 songs were recorded. Out of expectations the band had the chance to participate in a record label called “Australis Records” which is giving them the opportunity to show all their work and music worldwide. In 2012, Nicolás left the band,being replaced by Cristian Cortés which with his professionalism, made MartyriuM rise from the Ashes!  

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