Band Biographies: MOTIVE

Motive was formed in June of 1999. Guitarist Steven Buschart has kept the band alive through thick and thin, and with this new line-up, they are delivering songs full of modern tones and crushing riffs. Mike Niggl has taken over the lead vocals from Steve, and his performance is pro, strong, and heavy. Wyatt Henderson is on drums and has brought some youth and fresh blood to the band.  With Mathias Mattimias (Black Phantom/Scattered Guts) hired to play bass for the tour, Motives’ rhythm section will pound and slam with a precise attack.
“Fight The World” is Motives’ new album, released December 1st, 2018. It’s available worldwide from all the usual online platforms, plus,,, Rock Stakk Records, and directly from the band.
The band comments about the release:
"It's a driving, thrashing, metal assault that never dips in energy. There are layers and shapes, but it always HITS! Once you are locked in, it just gets better!"
Motive has also just signed a deal with Metal Devastation Records/Metal to release “Fight The World” on vinyl on July 12, 2019. You can get also get the new CD from Metal Devastation right now. Motive will be touring the USA all year, with multiple shows booked for summer 2019. Motive will “Fight The World" till all of you see.

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