Band Biographies: Phaeton

In the wilderness of Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada, with a fascination for astronomy, Kevin Thiessen (guitar), Daniel Airth (guitar), Colin Righton (percussion), and Ferdy Belland (bass) united to create the interplanetary, instrumental prog metal that would come to be known as Phaeton.

Named for the theoretical proto-planet which collided with Ancient Earth during the Primordial Era, Phaeton combines technically ferocious compositions of modern metal with the ambitious song-arrangement mindset of classic prog-rock, formulating and intense and unique approach to instrumental prog-metal.

Conceptually, the idea of life itself, in all its beauty and wonder and majesty, emerging from an instant of catastrophic cosmic violence became the primary inspiration for their dramatic music birthed from the void in thrilling bursts and unexpected turns.

Since 2017, they have been working quickly as a collaborative unit, honing their skills and orchestrating an attention-focused listening experience. One drenched in joy and wonder and the emotional, visceral release that only prog-metal can deliver. And the lack of lyrical interference only allows the listener the better opportunity to let their imaginations run wild with the music, drifting emotionally away on the solar winds to wherever they wish to soar.

Phaeton can be experienced with the release of the self titled debut album out now as of December 21, 2018.

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