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Band Biographies: Spring.Fall.Sea

Since forming the band in Thailand’s capital Bangkok in 2015, SPRING.FALL.SEA have played around 200 shows. This industrious attitude and strong DIY ethos are symptomatic of the threesome’s approach to their music and creative output. SPRING.FALL.SEA undertook their first international tour in 2016, traveling through Germany, Poland, Belgium, France, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Croatia. The trio went on to play a series of tours in Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. In 2017, the band also toured in North America, traveling 10,000 miles across the country, playing 40 US shows. Besides a healthy appetite for touring, the up-tempo rock crew also have a stellar discography. The band’s singles have racked up impressive viewing numbers, and SPRING.FALL.SEA’s previous video, I Realise, reached over 100,000 views within the first month of its release.

Following last year’s relocation to London, the threesome began work on their UK debut, Time + Tide. The record was completed in the Spring of 2019 and it’s an absolute gem. Pushing the envelope even further, the EP has gargantuan build-ups, epic choruses and engulfing atmospherics that devour you whole. Vocalist Alex Ekong discusses the release: “Time + Tide is a reaction to change in the world around you and the internal turmoil that comes with it. It’s a realization that your surroundings, your relationships, your universe aren’t going to wait for you. Your only option is to change with it and become the best person you can be.” 

With a full UK tour planned for August, the rest of this year promises to be monumental for the band.

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