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Band Biographies: Stozhar

Yaroslavl group "Stozhar" was formed in 2005. Initially, it consisted of two people: Yarosvet - the founder, guitarist, male vocal performer, author of music and lyrics, and Elena Lebedeva - responsible for the female vocals. At the beginning of its existence, the group was engaged in studio activities, at the same time the first demo was recorded under the name "Pagan Rus". In 2007, Elena Lebedeva left the group. In 2009, the full composition of the group was recruited, the band began rehearsals and then began to give their first concerts. In 2010, new, global changes took place in the lineup, after which the group was fully staffed. At the same time, work began on the recording of the full-length album "Not one step back." In 2011, the group ceases to speak for half a year. In early 2012, she resumes active concert activities. The recording of the album is delayed due to making adjustments to the sound, a record of live folk instruments is being recorded. The album, entitled "Not one step back," is released on Stygian Crypt Productions in April 2013. In support of the album is a series of concerts. In 2015, the group released a second full-length album, somewhat different from the previous ones - the lyrics are fully owned by the poet of the Darkness of Mstivoy, there are more live instruments, a live accordion, flute, bagpipe are recorded. Continuing the concert activity in 2016, the Stozhar group releases a third album entitled “Thunderstorm Hammer at Twilight Fights”, and in 2019 the album “Coldness of Fights in the Embrace of Winter” was released.

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