Band Biographies: Tryglav

Tryglav is a Croatian one-man band formed in 2018 by Boris Behara. Tired of playing with people who didn’t have his same vision in music, at the beginning of 2018, he started with the idea to create his own band inspired by his love in black metal and horror imaginary. During the year 2018, seven songs have been composed and re-arranged in his personal studio many times before the final versions come out.

Due to the poor equipment for vocal recording, vocals had been entrusted to a singer called Morbid according to Behara’s lyrics and patterns. For the live shows and future records, vocals will be recorded by Behara. The idea for the plague doctors came out one day when he thought how to create an impact imagine for the live shows.

In the year 2019, the album has been finished and the search for a studio for mixing and mastering had started. After many considerations, the studio was chosen, and the album was sent to Emissary Studios in Australia.

The album was sent then to some labels and after many considerations, Tryglav signed a worldwide deal with Italian label Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records.

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