Behind The Artworks: AUTOPILOT - Afterglow (2019)

Artist Chris Morin did the artwork for our album Afterglow. After listening to the album, he gave us several ideas and we decided on a photo he took at an old mill with birds flying off the building for the album cover. The idea was to symbolize the meaning of the title track Afterglow. We used this for the cover on the CDs and cassettes. For the vinyl, the idea was to use the same image but to make the packaging itself a work of art. We got the vinyl pressed in a run of 5 different colors limited to 100 of each and we got blank white album covers.  Chris then hand screen printed each one using glow-in-the-dark ink in a few different colors. The work put into hand printing each cover is definitely worth it as they turned out great and have been selling quickly on the road. Since the printing is done as needed, we still have a limited amount of records left and different variations of the cover available for upcoming tours. Chris has since been nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for his work on not just our album, but several different artists he has done album design for. We were lucky to have had him come up with this idea and portray our album in a visual form.

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