Behind The Artworks: ETERNAL BREATH - World Of Chaos (2019)

The album is designed by Guy Commeene. “World Of Chaos” is based on a world full of misery, difficulties, and chaos. The artworks needed to show you a world that is at its end. Abandoned, burnt down, destroyed and actually totally over. Except for that one survivor who looked evil... Yes, you see it right... This is the same guy who was on the cover of our first record “The Joker”. This time he is looking much more mysterious. There is the link to the whole album. Mysterious, evil, danger and misery... but also the other side of the story which shows the one guy who is still standing through all what is left. The strong fighter in other words; don’t give up, fight for what you have and want to achieve. there is more at the end of the tunnel!

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