Behind The Artworks: KOSM - Eyes On The Inside (2019)

The artwork for the Eyes on the Inside was designed by our vocalist Jessie Grace. The EP is themed around the videogame Bloodborne, so we wanted something that would capture the gothic-Lovecraftian aesthetic of the game's universe. That being said, we also wanted to make sure the artwork wasn't "too on the nose," and was open to interpretation. In other words, we wanted artwork that would be like a nod of the head to fans of the game, but also wouldn't be too obvious.

We wanted to do this for two reasons. For one thing, even though we consider this EP our tribute to Bloodborne and to the community that has sprung up around the game, we wanted to show that with this EP, we're also applying our own creativity and doing our own thing, rather than just trying to translate the videogame into music. For another, we wanted the EP to be accessible to listeners who aren't into, or haven't heard of Bloodborne. While we think familiarity with the game will enhance the listening experience, it isn't necessary to know anything about Bloodborne to enjoy Eyes on the Inside.

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