Behind The Tracks: Warfaith - Pint Of Pils (2019)

Pint of Pils is the main title of our EP because it summarizes the context in which it was composed: a lot of beer! A pint of Pils? This is the way, within the band, to say that we want to go out and have fun. In fact, it’s used as a rallying cry. 

The story is pretty simple: it’s a representation of a guy who’s partying all the time and making beer his only landmark. And as it happens to us often, taking nothing seriously, we can find the «drunk man» side throughout the track.

The shooting of the video was a lot of fun! While following the course of the song during the shooting, those who took part in the shooting spent the evening in a bar, in states of sobriety more or less different. Anyway, Jojo ended up shaving his head and beard at the mower and it could have been fine except that in addition to having resulted in a pervert’s face, his beard and hair were not straight, and he kept this for a week! (laughs)

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