Behind The Tracks: Wykan - Brigid: Of The Night (2019)

The artwork for the Wykan albums are depictions of the conceptual thematic of the EP's. Both EP's artwork is done By David Paul Seymour a great artist from the states who works with big names in the stoner rock - Doom world like Electric Wizard to name one and much more. I like his style and usually, try to find an artist with a reputation in the genre of art I'm working on and he was a great fit.

What I do is come up with the thematic for the album, run through the lyrics and meanings and then gather some images that represent via photos what I'm looking for and the artist does their interpretation of it and we edit it until I'm happy.

In the case with Brigid - Of the night, my whole thematic here has to do with Brigid the Celtic Goddess of fertility, fire, and spring. The Celts of Ireland would gather and do fire ceremonies and many different acts in her honor during the spring and also she is usually seen holding a wand with corn stalks going up it and horn with foods and I changed it for fires of life.

The Star of Brigid has a deep representative value to the celebrations in Irish Folklore and tradition and she wears it on her chest as displayed - so most elements in regards to the Deity are present - including in the foreground a full moon which is when the festivities commence on the first moon before spring and the fires behind her on the Artwork.

It is really important to distinguish all elements for me and have a representation of the thematic in its true form and not some rendition of it with no meaning.

Pleased with the outcome we went with a darker skin tone for esthetics and fit just right with the colors schemes.  

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