Track By Tracks: Death Note Silence - Death Note Silence (2019)

1. HATE:

Hate represent our intro. It gives us the energy to perform live. Also, this intro is quite simple and is definitely the basis of our anger. FORGOTTEN This song talks about being rejected at school. In a way, there is a lot of anger in this song but there is also a positive message. It tells everybody that no matter what is going on in your life, there is a place for you and you can become whoever you want. 


This song is a big thank you to everyone supporting the bands around the world. Underground bands are often underestimated and the fact that we know that some people believe in us is incredible. When we see people wearing our shirts, taking pictures with us after the shows or when we see comments on social media about our band, we feel great about it and we wanted to share it with fans.


This song is talking about us partying. Basically, the song is a story. It starts at a party and it finished in a stripper's club. That’s so cliché, but there is a lot of people listening to our music that can relate to it so...


We wanted a song that would take part in the building of our production. This song supports the universe created for that album.


We don’t claim to be a political band, however, the media doesn’t always tell the truth. The fact that people act and react a lot due to media bothers us a lot. We feel that people are manipulated. We don’t feel it is a conspiracy. We just want to put the emphasis on education and being informed. 


Wherever you’re at, school, work, music industry etc... there will always be people climbing fast because they are at a good place at the good moment or surrounded by the good people. That is really frustrating. Often those persons do their things for bad reasons. This song is a message of hope. It is a scream from the heart. We can climb mountains no matter what if we do it for good reasons.


Religion and war are two subject related. We are asking: where is god during war? Where is he when people are dying? The followers are people blinded by faith. We express ourselves against war and religion.


This song is talking about justice and revenge. We all have been accused once in our lifetime for no real reason. We remember how it felt. This song is about revenge. Pierre-Paul Lavoie

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