Track By Tracks: KOSM - Eyes On The Inside (2019)

“Eyes on the Inside” explores the eldritch world and lore of “Bloodborne,” a Lovecraftian video game in which knowledge is paid for with sanity. It is both a tribute to “Bloodborne” and to the community that’s been created around that game. We like to think of this EP as our way of contributing to that community.

1. Yharnam:

Yharnam introduces the listener to the theme and setting of the EP: a gothic city whose denizens seek the power of cosmic beings known as the Great Ones. This is a power not without its price, as the city finds itself consumed by a living nightmare.

2. Clocktower:

Clocktower is the story of an original sin; an indelible curse that pulled the city of Yharnam into a fathomless nightmare. The secret behind the city’s damnation lies beyond an astral clocktower, a secret that must be kept at any cost.

3. A Call Beyond:

A Call Beyond brings the listener face to face with the intoxicating thirst for knowledge that permeates the story of Bloodborne. But as this call to greater knowledge beckons one ever deeper within the maze of our minds, madness stalks its winding halls.

4. Old Blood:

Godlike power without the insight to wield it, turns men into beasts. Old Blood explores the streets of Yharnam, as bloodletting gives way to bloodlust.

5. Eyes on the Inside:

Eyes on the Inside concludes the story of the EP. In the swirling nightmare that envelops Yharnam, the only true salvation is transcendence. One must always look within to become greater than oneself. This song is a prayer for insight, or in other words, for eyes on the inside.

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