Track By Tracks: Lyken21 - Cyclical Insight (2019)

1. Assassin:

This song is about the neutrality of assassins. No matter the cause, the political affiliation, etc the assassin stands alone. Defunct of emotion – killing is a job, or a means to an end. It not personal its business – and business is good. 

2. Shadows:

Shadow is a commentary on the duality of man. All of us. Inspired by the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson – it's a short summation that there are monsters in all of us, The Human Animal

3. Sanctified:

Our backhanded way of writing affords us this song – blasting the media darlings of Instagram, youtube, etc. More concerned with the appearance fees, and what they look like in an off shade of green instead of building up the content of their own character. A reminder that once the spotlight dims – you still need to live with yourself.

4. Good can be Good:

Good can be good, but Bad I better is the full name of this song. Simply stated it’s the internal conflict between right and wrong in one’s own self. How inhibitions dwindle with the addition of a foreign substance. In this case, it’s alcohol, but the same can be said of drugs or emotional stress, etc whatever the avenue that causes a person to get outside their comfort zone and act out of character. While you may be happy with the status quo – sometimes living n the edge or crossing that line is much more fun. 

5. Revelation Reality:

At its core, this song is about corruption. Nine minutes addressing the subjects of religions, government science and everything attached to it. Shadow governments, how free will might be a fantasy, how the masses always seem to go in the same direction – but don’t understand – why? It is controversial at its core and if ever a song about societal dysfunction This is it! Likely an anthem for the counter culture – or at least the atheist.

6. Hell’s 4 Children:

This is a cover of Pat Benatar. It's about child abuse. We’ve made it our own – play it live on occasion to great reviews. Likely even better the Children of Bodom version.

7. Starlight:

Starlight – or Starlight Symphony is about the universe and how it always seems to find its balance. The Stars, planets, galaxies all seem to do this dance through the galaxy in harmony.

8. Doomsday Deception (German):

A song that made fun of the people who thought the world was going to end 12/21/2012 As stated in the song - what will you do now that it's Dec 22? Inspired by a news story that told of people selling off all their worldly possessions because it was projected we were all going to die dec21st. Oh well……….. Ha! the jokes on you. 

9. Lost in my Head:  

A personal song was written after someone close to the band suffered and eventually died from Dementia. It’s a cruel disease – where in the brief moments of clarity you wonder if the person even knows what's going on – and how tragic that would be if its the case.

10. American Zombie:

This is about a guy who lost his mind and flew his small engine plane into a building because he thought he was wronged. – it's about some guy who just didn’t handle himself very well in the face of a challenge. He had written something to his local paper and called the masses American Zombies. The name stuck. 

11. Ebb of Humanity:

Ebb of Humanity is about PTSD. How it affects people in the strangest of ways. Disassociation, questioning yourself at every turn, etc The scars that burn inside a person mind as they process all they know all they have seen and what they must do now.

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