Track By Tracks: MOTIVE - Fight The World (2019)

1. Thrash Priest:

A speedy riff, double bass kicks, and a slamming groove start the song, followed by some thrashy punk rock and a ripping guitar solo. It’s a strong opening track with a solid chorus. Enough of the Catholic Church’s’ lies and cover-ups. The “Thrash Priest” is a lot better for you, and your family, any day!

2. One With the Water:

Thrash and Death Metal, with what we call “Speed Blues”, thrown in on the chorus. It’s a blistering track start to finish. Heavy duty vocals that sing about life’s ups and downs, you must eb and flow in life, be “One With the Water”.

3. Boycott Your Boycott:

Punk Rock, Rock, and Thrash Metal, high energy all the way! Be a good neighbor, keep your beliefs in your house, be productive not destructive. Get out of the street, get along, and don’t trash your own city. “Boycott Your Boycott mind your own business, and be set free”

4. Evil in the Devil:

Epic Thrash and Death Metal, with straight, and brutal vocals, a sick journey. Be careful what you believe, or who you hold responsible, it could be you that is evil.

5. Grass Ain’t Greener:

A moshing, crushing attack, with killer changes and riffs. The other side of the fence is not always greener, or truer, or the same ol’ shit happens, dump those people/situations.

6. An Act of God:

Some Black Metal and Death Metal, with a couple heavy duty thrash riffs, make for a brutal tune. Funny how humans determine what is “An Act of God”

7. Goodbye Again:

A percussive intro, a slamming groove, then some thrashing and shredding. Strong vocals, and great chorus, “Goodbye Again” encourages the listener to move on and let go of things that hold you back.

8. Digital Slave:

Modern tones, infectious vocals, gripping Thrash and Death Metal. Learn or remember what disconnecting from the internet, devices, and/or social media is like, be organic, be purely human sometimes.

9. Fight the World:

Moshing, driving metal, with slamming riffs and vocals all the way through. It is ridiculous to try and make people believe or think just like you. Stop all the fighting, killing, bickering, and protesting. It’s okay to have more than one way. Be productive, de decent, improve yourself. Are we just gonna fight every person we meet that has a different point of view than yours? Just get along, keep your beliefs in your house, and get along on the street.

10. Headstones and Pictures:

An epic technical adventure. Killer intro, then solid vocals that captivate over a wicked riff. Too many family and friends gone, to many memories that end, with people who are now memories. A very lonely feeling when all your memories can’t be shared with the people in them. “Headstones and Pictures all I see, got tom reach out and stop the bleed”.

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