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Track By Tracks: Sounds Against Vultures - The Dice Are Loaded (2019)

1. World is mine:

The first piece of the album.

Short song, a little bit punk for us, who talk about one of the leaders of the world.

2. Run away:

Everything is in the title...

Decision-makers may have to flee in the near future...

3. Shorn sheep:

This one is an instrumental song,  We tried to express a sort of chaotic industrial routine feeling, the introduction for the next song...

4. Massive alienation:

This song talks about the wish to awaken consciences in the face of a possible loss of programmed culture...

5. Early talks:

Second instrumental song. This is a post-rock noise song...

The preliminaries talks before the last song...

6. Fuck:

Last song of this album. Vultures are around us.

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