Track By Tracks: Uburen - And The Mountains Weep (2019)

1. Oskoreia:

This song we chose to open the album with, to set the message straight. This is a song heavy inspired by the Norwegian black metal scene in the 90s with their no-compromise straight to the point, direct hate against religion. We saw it as direct as possible "I stab the heart of Allah, I set ablaze is worthless house and spit in the eyes of his prophet" this is meant as a critique to the poisonous Ideology of Islam and to be separated from those brainwashed by the Ideology 

The other part that inspired this song is the infamous tale from old Norse, which tells of the darkest night in the year when the undead stride over grey skies and rip the living souls from the ground also known under the name "The wild hunt" 

2.  Remembrance:

"Cattle die, Kindred die, every man is mortal, but the good name never dies of one who has done well"

To not be worthy of Remembrance and to not have your name spoken after you've passed. This song is meant as sort of a tribute to the resistance of current, and of the past. Very rarely is the resistance embraced, in the beginning, it's a small uprising standing up against the majority for the good of the majority. for example, during the second world war, Norway was rather quickly overtaken by the Germans. Still, there were small groups in the forest and the mountains that would do sabotage missions, which the German would retaliate against everyone, so many despised these resistance groups because they made it worse for them even if they were trying to make it better. 

'What we fought for within reach, and yet you walk away. I've forgotten your name, it doesn't deserve Remembrance'.

3.  Entrance to Valhalla:

Here we pick up the paste a bit, heavy drum intro, quick riff right of the start.  This is sort of a continuation of Remembrance, a call for the resistance to form 

 'Yggdrasil burns, hear her cry
under the roots we crawl
she pleads for our return'

4.  Fimbul:

in Fimbul there is a lot to devour. First of all its mixed between being sung in Norwegian and in English and with some parts taken from the"Voluspaa"

The name itself and the superficial parts of the lyrics is referring to wandering endlessly in the unforgivable emptiness of winter and a part of "Ragnarok" the end of the world

'Grasping after something that still lives. Am I dying I wonder? or is this endless strife" 

5. Fredlaus:

the only song on the album that is fully in Norwegian. this song was actually written from beginning to end during one single weekend. we had had a small pause between rehearsals so when we came back it just flowed perfectly the words, the riffs. even if the riffs and the words are rather simple they hold a lot of power and emotion behind each syllable and every tone a rough translation although words lose some of the force when translated 

"In deaths triumphant pide, when sorrow has festered its roots deep into the heart, one wanders without peace" 

6.  The Mountains Weep:

The song that inspired the album title and probably the most atmospheric song and the hardest one to understand what the fuck we are even talking about.  The riffs are just slow as fuck with a guitar that cuts with a sharp distinct sound, a rumbling dark bass mirroring and distorting the guitars riffs, a desolating drum beat that really sets the mood for falling past endless roots.  this track also contains the sentence that was supposed to be the title for our very first full-length album. 

'Its here that i strive digging deeper
Feed of my will bound in the roots
i pick up the pieces as it all crumbles
trying to keep it from falling apart
remembering it as it was
their suffering my burden
lifeless in this light
The mountains weep' 

The lyrics are meant to be interpreted in almost endless different ways. For us its about the search, the exploration and to dig deeper into subjects, texts, ideas ideologies. more specifically into our past, our forefathers and our cultures. trying to decipher the texts to find what they really are supposed to portray and to put it into the past, but to think of the present era that we are in and how it will stand with that which is yet to come. The mountains weep. 

7. Valkyri:

Probably the gloomiest song on the album. with parts in Norwegian and some parts in English about being lost, bewildered and left without a cause. when you have zero direction to go, no destination and don't even know where you are
as probably most who have some interest in the whole "Viking" thing know. You are supposed to die in battle and get picked up by the Valkyries and brought to Valhalla. 

Put into a modern setting where the fight is not necessarily fought with swords and axes how can you die fighting for what you believe in. how do you even battle for your cause? and is it possible to get to your destination 

8. Huldra:

Huldra was actually written a long time ago, so long ago I can't really remember when we first made it. it has been rewritten more times then we have played it probably and has taken many turns before it showed its real form which ironically is something that "Huldra" the creature the song is about also done. lures people into their death by hiding its true form 

after all these rewrites of this song, we are pretty satisfied with how it turned out, but we have never played this song in its current form at a concert. 

9.  Into The Void:

Probably the song that stands out the most as the riffs are not very typical Black metal or typical Uburen, the whole song has been a lot of experimenting into different styles one of our favorite things about this song though must be the break in the middle where everything dies as we are left stranded dead in the waters and this 1 single guitar comes back in again with a very traditional black riff building and building up again into a classic uburen style song before transitioning the more experimental styled riffs again

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