Band Biographies: Tableau Mort

Founded in November 2017 in London, United Kingdom by musicians of Romanian origin, the black metal outfit TABLEAU MORT has in its current incarnation former members of bands such as Sin, Indian Fall or Justonefix, The Exiled all with a solid reputation within the metal underground community. 


George Topor – guitar/keys/backing vocals
Cristian Giurgiu – guitar
George Bratosin – drums/backing vocals
Marek Basista – bass
James Andrews – lead vocals

In 2018 the band started working on their first album recording their first album. The complete material was recorded between July 2018 –February 2019 and then mixed and mastered by Neil Haynes at the well-known Parlour Studios UK.

The album artwork was crafted by Alex Shadrin – Nether temple Design

Starting with September 2018, TABLEAU MORT prepares the way of the first official discographic material by launching two singles: Impending Corruption and Fall of Man. Fall of Man was featured on the American compilation “Heretic”. 

Whilst Tableau Mort describes themselves as a Black Metal band, there are many aspects and layers to their sound, delivering modern and powerful music. Drawing inspiration from across the many sub-genres of metal, the band values the creation of an atmospheric and emotional sound that is both melodic and melancholic. Vocally, Tableau Mort mixes Orthodox chanting with frenzied screams to expand on their macabre foundations.

In May 2019 the band announces the collaboration with Loudrage Music and reveals the album title: Veil of Stigma. Book I: Mark of Delusion. The album was released on the 28th June 2019

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