Band Biographies: VOKONIS

The heavy prog metal trio Vokonis is here to daze you with a sludge vibe that's both furious and melodic.  Drenched in blasting distortion, melody, and menace, Vokonis is ready to fully blossom as the progressive beast they’ve been morphing into since 2015. With a style that ranges from the heavy riffage and vocals of bands such as Baroness to utterly clean Pink Floyd-ish soundscapes, they aim to immerse listeners in a thrilling psychedelic journey.
Vokonis's third album Grasping Time will be released in the autumn of 2019 on The Sign Records. Guitarist/vocalist Simon said of the process,“We’re practically living in our practice space, so it’s no wonder we’ve been productive. I always wanted for us to write our own Crack The Skye. This might be it.” Simon, bassist Jonte, and new drummer Peter keep creativity in high gear. While Vokonis has released two records and were featured in The Planet of Doom animated movie, the band isn't stepping down in tempo. With a new sound, the trio is ready to launch themselves into the stratosphere.  
Playing shows and putting a bigger focus on touring, Vokonis have shared stages with bands such as Monolord, Skraeckoedlan, and Bombus. Playing on the road has been instrumental in the evolution of the band. In contrast to the punk vibe to their live shows, they have drawn out a newfound strength in the studio. Laying down heaviness in new forms with "I Hear the Siren" and "Sunless Hymnal," they also feel comfortable taking the feel down a notch. With a dynamic range the size of Sunn O)))'s backline, Vokonis show that their love for warm sound and melody is not lost on anyone.
Taking steps forward from their previous album The Sunken Djinn (2017), a heavy endeavor focusing on raw power and how far one can take fuzzed out riffs, Vokonis now sets out towards a new musical goal. Inspired by nature and the universe around us, they’ve deepened their sound immensely. Drawing inspiration from the shared vocals of Mastodon and a love for all things progressive, Vokonis has evolved into the usage of dual vocals. Now sharing lead vocals, Jonte's melodic voice complements the fierce bark of guitarist Simon. “As we toyed around with the idea of sharing vocals we found out just how much more stuff Simon could do with the guitar. Playing leads or more complex riffs while I’m singing was something we only dreamed of before,” Jonte said of the trio's new sound.
Overall, Vokonis is ready to take the next step. With a new dynamic sound and a goal set for the domination of the heavy underground, they’re coming for your ears. Get ready.

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