Behind The Artworks: DIALITH - Extinction Six (2019)

I’ve always had a passion for the great album artwork. In many cases it’s the very first impression for a new listener and it can build an excitement for the unknown before they've heard a single note! Since this was going to be our debut album, we needed something that would stand out from the rest. We decided to use the title track ‘Extinction Six’ as a basis for the imagery, since the song deals with humanity causing its own extinction, and the planet being reclaimed by nature. We wanted contrasting colors that popped, while preserving the tone and feeling of the music, and we didn’t want the image to be too “busy”. A regular viewer should be able to tell what they’re seeing even from seeing the image in a smaller thumbnail.

I had a vision of how to represent this: A human skull in a destroyed cathedral overgrown with ivy. The challenge was not to find the best artist in the world, but to find the right artist that could bring this vision to life. I spent hours upon hours scanning DeviantArt and Reddit for illustrators and album art from other metal bands. (Seeing all these images of monsters and mutilated corpses for hours actually gave me nightmares, wouldn’t recommend!). I eventually came across the profile of Marta Sokołowska, an illustrator from Poland, and I instantly knew she was the perfect person for the job.

After a few months and emails back and forth. The finished artwork arrived in the inbox, and we think she absolutely nailed it! As my bandmates will tell you, I’m definitely the biggest nitpicker in the group. But this time, I didn’t have a single revision to request. It’s like she read my mind and created exactly what I was looking for.

We hope you enjoy the artwork as much as we do and that it enhances the listening experience when you hear the album for the first time! Physical copies will also include a booklet containing additional artwork commissioned by the same illustrator; extensions of the main idea established by the front cover.

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