Behind The Artworks: No Room Left - Time (2019)

Our friend Paul Magura is a very talented photographer. Ever since he accompanied us to a show and documented the whole routine around it for a project of his, we stayed in touch. One day he published a photo of pollen in a puddle on his very recommendable Instagram-Account (@paulmagura). To us, it bore an artistic resemblance to a lot of the issues we address on our record, and we knew immediately we wanted this picture to be on the cover of our record. We are really grateful that Paul directly agreed to provide his photo to us – he’s not only a really nice guy but also a great artist, so check out his work!

Because we are fans of minimalistic designs, we wanted to keep the EP clean and simple regarding the general layout and visualization. In this context, we have also deliberately chosen merging colours in order to evoke a nostalgic feeling. The Polaroids in the Inlay were taken on different journeys.

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